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    What is the Full Self-Driving System ?

    What is the Full Self-Driving System ?

    Tesla's Full Self-Driving System

    The automobile has become indispensable in our lives, so many brands produce automobiles. Some of these are so popular when we compare to other brands.

    One of the popular brands is the Tesla Brand, which breaks new ground with the electrical cars it produces.

    The Tesla brand is maybe one of the leading companies in point of technology today. Because when we look at the  Tesla brand cars, except the mechanisms necessary for the  car, it includes many applications supported by artificial intelligence. One of the most important of these applications is the Full-Self Driving function.

    What is the Full Self-Driving System ? What does it do?

    This function is one of Tesla's most advanced functions. It is a more advanced function than the autopilot function in Tesla cars.

    As it is known, the autopilot function only gives us speed control and lane stabilization functions. Full Self Driving functions gives us many more functions besides these two functions.

    If we talk about these functions, they are;

    Navigate on Autopilot: This function tells lane changes, automatically open the turn signals when it is necessary, and guides the driver along the highway by doing all this.

    • Automatic lane change function: It appraises all situations according to the course of roads and automatically directs you to the most suitable lane.
    • Automatic Parking Function: With this function, the cars is parked vertically or horizontally with only one touch.
    • Summon function: With this function, you can summon your vehicle from a tight area with the help of a key or application, for example, you can take your parked car with you from the parking lot.
    • Smart Summon function: This function is used in more complilcated places than the other. For example, in a crowded place or parking lot, your car will find you by maneuvering and it will come to you.
    • Traffic lights and stop sign control function: With this function, the car defines traffic lights and stop signals and slows down.
    • Upcoming: This function automatically directs us through the city.

    These functions are very advanced but the driver control is still required. Because for making it autonomous, this system should to be tested for many years. Only then can it reach the trustworthiness given by a driver.

    Other than that, to expain briefly; The full self-driving function is a system that offers the driver a really easy ride, makes driving safer and makes the vehicle more safe.

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