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    What is Adblue?

    What is Adblue?

    What is Adblue?

    The contribution and benefit of vehciles to humanity is indisputably numerous. However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages.

    Most of these damages are caused by the toxic gases emitted by the vehicles. This is even more so for vehicles running on diesel fuel.

    However, with the development of technology, it has been possible to significantly reduce these damages.

    One of the things developed to prevent these damages is Adblue liquid. The real name of this fluid is Diesel Exhaust Fluid, but it is also called Adblue because the Adblue brand is preferred in the market.

    The main purpose of this liquid is to significantly reduce the air pollution created by a diesel engine. This liquid consists of 32.5 percent purified urea and 67.5 percent water.

    Although this liquid was used in heavy commercial vehicles in the first place, it started to become common in other passenger vehicles later on, but it is not available in every vehicle.

    You can tell whether your vehicle has this system or not when you open the hood of the vehicle and see a blue cover.

    How does the Adblue system work?

    If we talk about the working logic of this system; This system has a very simple working logic.

    First we need to buy an adblue liquid and after purchasing this liquid must be poured into the adblue cover and that's all you have to do.

    This system works in coordination with the CRT system, DPF system and SCR systems in the vehicle.

    With these systems working together, the harmful gas emitted from the vehicle reacts and turns into pure nitrogen and water, thus reducing the amount of harmful gas released into the nature.

    What are the solutions for the Adblue system malfunction?

    As every component in the vehicle can malfunction, also Adblue system can malfunction.

    Some of these malfunctions are: When the adblue ends in the vehicle, the vehicle may give a warning and certain errors occur as a result of these warnings.

    Another well-known error is the failure of the AdBlue pump.

    When the pump fails, the adblue cannot function and the adblue fails and your vehicle may remain on the road as a result of this malfunction.

    It can be very costly to repair it, but it is possible to get rid of these breakdown costs with Adblue emulators developed by Nitro Mechatronics Company.

    When the emulator produced by Nitro Mekatronics is installed on the vehicle, the emulator communicates with the ECU and informs that the Adblue system is working and that there is no problem while the Adblue system is running.

    Thus, you will not have any problems with Adblue in your vehicle. In short, with Adblue Emulators produced by Nitro Mechatronics, you can get rid of high-cost Adblue transactions very easily and affordably.

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