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    Factors affecting battery life in electric vehicles

    Factors affecting battery life in electric vehicles

    What does battery life depend on in electric vehicles?

    For electric vehicles, the battery is an important electrical storage system.  We can say that one of the main factors that makes electric vehicles at the forefront is the battery. Because the battery means energy continuity for electric vehicles.

    One of the reasons why lithium ion is preferred in batteries used in electric vehicles is that it has excess energy density due to its rechargeability.

    Batteries are very important for electric vehicles, so it has been emphasized that it is extremely important to pay attention to battery life in electric vehicles.

    What and how is the life of the batteries used in electric vehicles affected?    

    Battery capacity in electric vehicles is expressed in kWh. If the kWh value is great in your electric vehicle, this means that the battery depot in your electric vehicle is large.

    Thus, you can have a long driving distance after full charging your electric vehicle once. Nickel-metal hydride batteries used in the batteries of electric vehicles have a higher energy density and rechargeable, making the battery life longer.

    Electric vehicles lose a small portion of their charge when not in use. If the battery is empty and the vehicle is not used for a long time, it adversely affects the life of the battery in the vehicle.

    In addition, after some time, electric vehicle batteries may become non-rechargeable. The temperature of the battery is another factor that determines the life of the battery.

    Because the extreme temperature in the electric vehicle battery adversely affects lithium-ion chemistry, therefore liquid-cooled battery packs are available in many electric vehicles.

    This is very important to optimize the temperature of the battery in the vehicle. Also, the battery performs well at different temperatures.

    In addition, this keeps battery life in a healthier state and means that users will not need constant charging of the battery in their electric vehicle. 


    Manufacturers expect users to use the charge level in electric vehicles between 20%-80%. This ensures that battery life is maximized.

    For example, let's say that the EV user is going on a holiday. During the holiday, the EV user will prefer to drive less. In this case, at least half of the battery in the electric vehicle must be full.

    If we want the battery life to be healthy, the battery should not be kept empty when the vehicle is not used much, we have mentioned this in the previous parts of our article.

    In this case, the battery life of electric vehicles depends on conscious use of the vehicle, optimizing the battery temperature of the vehicle, the system it has to prevent the battery performance from decreasing in extreme hot and cold conditions, and the vehicle having a rechargeable battery.

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