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    What is ECU Programing?

    What is ECU Programing?

    What is ECU programing?

    ECU programming is the process of reading the ROM file in the vehicle ECU with the help of a programming device, then editing the received file, and finally writing the edited file to the ECU via the programming device.

    ECU is an electronic control unit used for electrical control of vehicles.

    •        Engine control unit
    •         ABS control unit
    •         Comfort system control unit
    •         Display control unit
    •         Airbag control unit
    •         Climate control unit (air conditioning control unit)
    •         Transmission control unit

    The control units mentioned above are very important for vehicle health, the performance of the vehicle and its smooth operation.

    Chip tuning devices are required to read the files in the ECU. Diagnostic tools can not do this. The chiptuning process increases the performance of the vehicle and saves fuel, which is important for both the environment and the owners.


    The biggest benefit of ECU programming is rapid identification and resoloution of problems. This situation decrease these are repair time, labor costs and time spent in the garage.It is very important service for companies and customers because  companies can deal with more vehicles in less time with ECU programming.

    Vehicle owners, on the other hand, can pre-determine the problems that may ocur with this programming, even once a year and can prevent larger problems that may occur.

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