Nitro Mekatronik was founded in Adana/Turkey. The first Nitro Team was composed of a handful of technicians, sales representatives. Our first headquarters was in Galeria Business Center where we initially only focused on products for diagnosis of the vehicles



Slowly but surely, our company began to grow in size and experience. In 2014 and we have started to our first Automotive Electronics project



We were awarded for our effort and we have started to get distributorship from the worldwide official diagnostic tool producer companies in 2015. One step at a time, Nitro began to make a name for itself among the most influential companies in Turkish after market.



Due to the hockey stick growth of our company, we moved our headquarters to Kiza Business Center where our Team expanded in number and experience in 2016. After the 2 years from this movement, we have established a new R&D center at the same Business Center. In our new R&D and Manufacturing Labs, Nitro added Made in Turkey quality craftsmanship to its products.



Subsequently the Ecutest KF-1500 line was born. It started out as a professional device that supported both Trucks and passenger cars ECU’s. By participating in an international fair for the first time in 2018, we launched our Ecutest product to the international market with the Automechanika Dubai fair.



The successful outcome of our Ecutest project encouraged us and we set sail for new projects to meet the needs of the industry in 2019



At the request of our Ecutest users and potential customers, we started structuring training courses that allow us to help attendees with the technical aspects of our products as well as give them a hands-on experience with the tools in 2020.



As a solution for the automotive after market we have released Voltage Regulator Test Device at the first half of 2020. At the second half of the same year, the pandemic couldn't stop us, and we have launched our first green Project DPF Cleaning machine.



With the help of all these Project and our great automotive diagnostic knowledge that we absorbed step by step, in 2021 we have released our Shifter device as transmission test device.



And now we are distributor of Magicmotorsport, Autel, Jaltest, Autovei, Launch, Thinktool, Electromem, Autodata, MSG and Autocom. And as our own production we have Ecutest KF-1500, NM-FT-02 Pneumatic Test Bench, NM-KC-303 Voltage Regulator Test Device, Nitro Canbus Analyser, Shifter TCU Test Device and DPF Cleaning Machine.



As the biggest diagnostic tool seller in Turkey and Middle East, nitro mekatronik continue to offer solutions to the automotive market with our over the 15 years experience, our team over 50 experts and with the help of our wide range of products.